ASSIGNMENT >> 27. Read “Organizing and Morale.”


The basics of organizing as found in this course present discoveries that can reverse the decline of any organization and bring about productivity or increase the orderly expansion of an already thriving group. They can be utilized in the home, school or the workplace—the scope of application is limitless. An individual can benefit by organizing his activities.

If you organize well and efficiently, you will have good morale. You will also have improved conditions.

Wherever morale is bad, organize!

A very careful survey of people shows that their basic protests are against lack of organization. “It doesn’t run right!” is the reason they protest things.

Applying the organizing technology can smooth over these protests, bringing about increased production and thus better morale.

While they may necessitate some change in methods of operation for the individual or group, these basics of organizing are relatively simple to apply. And if success is desirable, they are well worth the effort, for they have been conclusively proven to work. By utilizing these principles any endeavor can be made to flourish.

a way that serves to settle or decide a question; decisively.