ASSIGNMENT >> 23. Read the article “Applying the Technology of Study.”


Study Technology is a bridge to an education that will serve a student long after he leaves the classroom.

The difference between the “bright” student and the “dull” one, the student who is very, very fast and the one who is very, very slow, is really only the difference between the careful student and the careless student.

The careful student applies the technology of study. He studies with an intention to learn something. He handles any of the barriers to study which appear as he is working with his materials. If he is reading down a paragraph and suddenly realizes that he doesn’t have a clue what he is reading about, he goes back and finds out where he got tangled up. Just before that there is a word he didn’t understand. If he is a careful student, he doesn’t continue—not until he finds out what that word is and what it means.

That is a careful student, and his brightness on the subject is dependent upon the degree he applies this technology. It isn’t dependent on any native talent or anything else. It is his command of the subject of study that makes the difference.

This booklet is far from all there is to Study Technology. It is a comprehensive subject. But with what you have read in these pages, you now have the tools to study anything more successfully and help others do the same.

including everything, so as to be complete.