ASSIGNMENT >> 3. Read “The Tone Scale in Full.”


The full Tone Scale, as can be seen at the bottom of this page, starts well below apathy. In other words, a person is feeling no emotion about a subject at all. An example of this was the American attitude concerning the atomic bomb. Something about which they should have been very concerned was so far beyond their ability to control and so likely to end their existence that they were below apathy about it. They actually did not even feel that it was very much of a problem. Feeling apathetic would be an advance over the feeling of no emotion whatsoever on a subject which should intimately concern a person. In other words, on many subjects and problems, people are actually well below apathy.

There, the Tone Scale starts—utter dead, null, far below death itself. Going up into improved tones, one encounters the levels of:

   SERENITY, in that order.

There are many small stops between these tones, but one knowing anything about human beings should definitely know these particular emotions.

A person who is in apathy when his tone is improved feels grief.

A person in grief when his tone improves feels fear.

A person in fear when his tone improves feels anger.

A person in anger when his tone improves feels antagonism.

A person in antagonism when his tone improves feels boredom.

When a person in boredom improves his tone he is enthusiastic.

When an enthusiastic person improves his tone he feels serenity.

Actually, the below apathy level is so low as to constitute a no-affinity, no-emotion, no-problem, no-consequence state of mind on things which are actually tremendously important.


an extremely destructive type of bomb, the power of which results from the immense quantity of energy suddenly released with the splitting of the nuclei (centers) of atoms into fragments.

love, liking or any other emotional attitude; the degree of liking. The basic definition of affinity is the consideration of distance, whether good or bad.