ASSIGNMENT >> 7. Read “The Measurement of Survival: Statistics.”


The next thing to know is that one knows what formula to apply only by closely and continually inspecting statistics. By statistics is meant numbers of things, measurement of volume, all relative to time. A statistic not compared to the same type of statistic earlier will not predict any future statistic. A single statistic is meaningless. Statistics are always worse than, the same as or better than they were at an earlier period. Graphing and the reading of graphs is a vital necessity, then, in monitoring an organization, department or person and applying Condition Formulas to it.

This is much easier than it appears. If you made $1,000 last week and only $200 this week, you obviously are slipping, if you made $1,100 this week you are pretty stable, if you made $5,000 this week you are affluent. All compared to the $1,000 you made last week.

What is the Code of Conduct you should use to stay healthy under these conditions? These are the Condition Formulas.

The third thing to know is that one can wreck an organization or department or person by applying the wrong Condition Formula. The person is in Emergency Condition. One applies the Condition of Affluence or Power or anything but the Emergency Formula and the person will go bust. The universe is made that way. The right condition must be applied.

fail completely.